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Methods for resolving disputes

Methods for resolving disputes

We systematically evaluate the best way to resolve the disputes submitted to us, and we only advise going to court if it turns out to be the most appropriate course of action for the case at hand.


In fact, contrary to the generally accepted idea, unfortunately still too often conveyed by certain legal professionals, lawsuits are not the only way of resolving a dispute situation.


In reality there are many avenues open to the parties to resolve a problem : negotiation, mediation, arbitration, which often enable faster and more satisfying results to be obtained than those that would have been obtained in a conventional lawsuit. We have thus developed specific skills in these alternative means for resolving disputes and help our clients in these procedures.


Finally, we advise our clients with regard to preventing disputes : anticipating a potentially litigious situation in order to avoid it clearly constitutes the best attitude to adopt.

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