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Data protection and privacy

Data protection and privacy

The exponential increase in digital technologies has caused our firm to develop specific skills in the protection of personal data and the protection of privacy.


Cross-border mergers, transmission of personal data to third countries, consumer contracts, online commerce, direct marketing, promotional e-mails, promotional telephone calls, control of personal electronic mail, management and supervision of work time, video surveillance, production of personal blogs, declaration to the Privacy Commission, etc : companies and individuals are confronted every day with the law on privacy and personal data, without however always being aware of it, or without having the necessary information to correctly evaluate their rights and obligations.


Our firm regularly helps its clients in these matters, in particular with :

  • The management of litigation (lawsuits or administrative proceedings)
  • The negotiation, drafting and conclusion of contracts relating to personal data and other aspects of privacy
  • The elaboration of internal policies on the protection of privacy and personal data, in particular in the field of employment
  • The audit prior to any project involving the protection of personal data and the privacy of users

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