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Intellectual property and commercial practices

Intellectual property

Our association is active in the various fields of intellectual property, in particular copyright, trademarks, registered designs and databases.
Intellectual property has become an essential topic for all companies, and also for users and consumers, who are confronted with them every day, in particular over the Internet. Copyright and architecture, copyright and publications, copyright and online sites, registration of trademarks, trademarks and domain names, computer programs, photograph libraries, music distributed in the workplace, the use of photographs or texts of third parties... These are just a few examples of the application of intellectual property rights.


The association regularly helps companies and individuals in these matters :

  • The negotiation, drafting and conclusion of contracts relating to the aforementioned rights
  • The exploitation of the intellectual property
  • The management of litigation
  • The realisation of advice to enable them to direct their decision-making


Commercial practices

Our firm is also very active in the field of unfair competition, a matter that stems from intellectual property, and in particular in the field of commercial practices. We regularly advise our clients in the design of their offers to consumers and also help them in any litigation concerning their sales practices.

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